The Journal of Comorbidity affiliates with the North American Primary Care Research Group

Martin Fortin, Tom Vansaghi, Marjan van den Akker, Jill Haught, Stewart W. Mercer, Susan M. Smith, Jane Gunn


The Journal of Comorbidity is pleased to announce that it has extended its society collaborations by forming another important partnership with the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG), a renowned multidisciplinary organization for primary care researchers based in North America and beyond. The new partnership reflects an ongoing commitment of both the Journal of Comorbidity and NAPCRG to strengthen and broaden their ties with the primary care community and to foster the dissemination of innovative research in the field of comorbidity and multimorbidity.

The partnership marks a celebration of the contribution of NAPCRG and its global members to conducting and reporting high-quality research on comorbidity/multimorbidity over the past 10 years. NAPCRG has been instrumental in growing awareness and developing the field of comorbidity/multimorbidity through various workshops, seminars, and plenaries at its annual meetings held in North America. Furthermore, in 2007, NAPCRG helped organize a meeting funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health on the theme of multimorbidity; attended by over 30 participants from eight countries, this led to the creation of the International Research Community on Multimorbidity (IRCMo) [1]. IRCMo now has almost 1,000 subscribers who are connected through a blog that showcases the most recent developments and publications on comorbidity/multimorbidity research. IRCMo also publishes regular updates on publications that are particularly important in terms of capacity building in research. 

Journal of Comorbidity 2017;7(1):114–116


comorbidity, multimorbidity, multiple chronic conditions, open access, primary care

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