Journal of Comorbidity forms partnership with the North American Primary Care Research Group

The partnership with NAPCRG is an important step to help promote new research, critical findings, and news related to comorbidity/multimorbidity. Key highlights of the partnership include:

  • Journal of Comorbidity is now an endorsed publication of NAPCRG
  • Discounted article publication fee for NAPCRG members – the journal encourages members to consider publishing their relevant work in the journal
  • Opportunities for NAPCRG members to be involved with the journal
  • Journal of Comorbidity to have a presence at the annual NAPCRG conferences.

The Journal of Comorbidity has already formed partnerships with two major primary care organizations, the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) and the Scottish School of Primary Care (SSPC). NAPCRG is the third major primary healthcare research organization to partner with the Journal of Comorbidity, which will continue to seek collaboration with other high-quality primary care research organizations where comorbidity/multimorbidity is a growing focus of research and discussion. 

By establishing a partnership with the Journal of Comorbidity, NAPCRG acknowledges the importance of research on comorbidity/multimorbidity for primary healthcare professionals, as demonstrated by the growing number of publications in this field.

NAPCRG is an interdisciplinary volunteer association committed to nurturing primary care researchers. As the recognized leader of primary care research that improves health and healthcare for patients, families and communities, it is committed to producing and disseminating new knowledge from all disciplines relevant to primary care.

NAPCRG has been instrumental in growing awareness of and developing the field of comorbidity/multimorbidity through various workshops, seminars, and plenaries at its annual meetings held in North America.

NAPCRG also supports a Special Interest Group on comorbidity/multimorbidity that allows researchers to interact through online discussion boards on ‘NAPCRG Connect’ and to meet annually to exchange and develop ideas and form new collaborations.

Further information about NAPCRG can be found here.